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Why Work With Us? At DIDYOUBLOW we have the experience and tenacity to push past the standard outcome and fight for the results we would want for ourselves. We understand the difficulties you face and won't give in until we've achieved the best outcome possible.

Meet the Attorneys

Michael E. Carter JD, MA

Mike is a former Judge, past Director of the St. Louis Board of REALTORS, and former Senior Lecturer for University of Missouri at St. Louis. He has been defending criminal law cases for many years, but when he personally dealt with and was found innocent of a bad DWI charge (by a jury in 9 minutes) some years ago, he decided to help others in the same situation. Carter knows first-hand how it feels when facing a DWI charge. At DWI Center, we treat all of our clients' legal matters as if they were our own.

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Brendan, JD

Attorney Brendan, simply put, is a good guy. Good guys in the judicial system finish first. He has worked all sides of criminal cases during his time at the state prosecutor’s office and as a defense attorney in private practice. Brendan has the much sought-after temperament to analytically weigh the pros and cons of every case while remaining passionate about and aware of what his clients need and want. Brendan saw first-hand at the prosecutor’s office just how many defense attorneys take the first deal that is offered. He knows that the facts in EVERY case are different and unique and that the strengths of a case must be thoroughly researched side by side with the client. In fact, it is the way that Carter Law Offices handles its large dockets, treats its clients, un-turns every stone, and involves its clients that convinced Brendan to join a team where the attorneys and paralegals do not simply go with the first offer made by opposing counsel.

Shelly Cronin, JD

Ms. Cronin's background is bankruptcy and criminal law. She is a dedicated research expert who has assisted circuit judges and legal writing personnel at Law Schools with major research. She is directly responsible for DWI Center's successes wherein DWI Center has won many hearings, obtained extremely favorable pleas, and had bad evidence thrown out of court. Often, Shelly is known not to take "no" (or "yes" for that matter) for an answer; if she feels something is amiss, she will unturn every stone to get the answer we need.

Ruth, JD

Ms. Ruth started her career in the public defender's office for Missouri and honed her lawyering while continually handling tough situations with little client resources. This makes her a precious gem in the private practice world. At DWI Centers we allow her to explore every possible option for our clients and her vast experience helps guide the entire office at times. Whether we are dealing with a municipal ordinance infraction, misdemeanor, or felony; Ruth knows all the possible avenues and leaves no stone unturned. Just a few words into a legal conversation with her and you know she is the right lawyer.

Felicia Dixon
Operations Manager

Ms. Dixon is the all around go-to person at DWI Center, Traffic Law Counselors®, and Carter Law Offices, LLC. We are not sure if it's compulsory that she join MENSA, but if organization dictates membership, well, she should be inducted immediately. Felicia knows every clerk at every court along with each of their procedures -- not to mention the prosecutors and judges too. We invite you to come by on a business day and drill her about the 150 or so municipal and state courts throughout the region. Additionally, she can just about name or recall any case out of the 100s we are handling at any one time. It is truly a feat. Finally, she is one of the most consumer-service oriented individuals in the state of Missouri -- possibly the U.S.

Andie Mulitsch
Operations Specialist

Ms. Mulitsch can solve nearly any problem and is never afraid of a new one. She works closely with all of our Attorneys, Operations Specialists and clients on a very regular basis. Often, you can find her delivering or picking up much-needed documents to St. Louis County Circuit Court, Pine Lawn, St. Charles County, Maryland Heights, Jefferson County, St. Ann and/or the many many other courts throughout the region. In some ways, she is the face of Traffic Law Counselors® & DWI Law Center. There have been instances, when court personnel have said, "we can't normally do that, but if Andie brings the paper work here, we will do it this time." That is VERY impressive and says A LOT about the interpersonal communication skills that Ms. Mulitsch brings to our clients. By the way, she knows how to get driving records purged/modified quickly within the confines of the law.

Megan Abramczyk
Operations Specialist

Ms. Abramczyk has a bachelors of science in criminal justice with a minor in forensic science and her paralegal certificate. She works quickly and pays attention to every detail. She assists the Operations Manager and all attorneys on a regular basis. Her high-level sports play experience at the collegiate level dictates that the client and the team come first with laser like precision focused on the best outcome for every single situation.


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